Bath Grounds
The purchase of the Bath Grounds was finally completed at 4pm on Tuesday 1st August. The Town Council and the people of Ashby and Blackfordby now own the Bath Grounds.
Chris Smith, Leader of Ashby de la Zouch Town Council, said “This is fantastic news for the town. It is a tribute to all those who campaigned to protect the Bath Grounds when they were under threat from new housing; to those who have worked hard, both Town Council staff and volunteers, to maintain the Bath Grounds and all the residents of the town who have, through their council tax, enabled the purchase to go ahead.”
“I also want to thank our Town Clerk, Jack Fargher, and the Town Council’s legal adviser, Ian Riley (Director & Head of Commercial Property at Fishers Solicitors), for all their advice, guidance and hard work over many years in negotiating the deal with Oakland Hotels.”
Ownership of the Bath Grounds protects them from further development and allows longer term plans to be put in place. The Town Council is committed to improving and enhancing the Bath Grounds for the benefit of everybody and would welcome suggestions and ideas from the people of Ashby. The Town Council will also investigate ways to ensure the Bath Grounds are protected for future generations whatever the make-up of the Town Council.
Not only has the Town Council purchased the Bath Grounds but it has also ensured that the money will be used to start the redevelopment of the Royal Hotel. Redeveloping the hotel is a very big project that will take many years, but very soon you should see scaffolding going up so that the hotel roof can be repaired to protect the integrity of the building.