Cultural and Leisure Stakeholder Group

The Cultural and Leisure Stakeholder Group is chaired by NWLDC Paul Sanders.

This group has developed more than the other stakeholder groups, largely because the priority focus has been the purchase of the old health centre building and plans for redevlopment.

The creation of a new Public Asset gives the town a new car park, which will be multi functional.

It is envisaged that local events will be held on the area eg Farmer’s Market and Christmas events.

The area will benefit from a redesign and opportunity to incorporate more greenery and wood into the area. The Ashby Project is working closely with the National Forest Company and, where there is an opportunity, more trees will be planted.

The wall of Hood Park Leisure Centre will be clad in wood and painted in the new Ashby colours, this will be a site for the Arts Committee to display local art work throughout the year.

The design of a commemorative mosaic will be incorporated into the new seating area.

To give the community an opportunity to get involved, workshops will be held for locals to contribute to the making of the component parts of the mosaic.

The mosiac will be laid next spring, once there is no longer a frost.