The Heritage Stakeholder Group

This group is chaired by Karen Edwards, Deputy Town Clerk. The group have agreed the terms of reference and the group’s areas of focus and which open spaces will be included.

The Project Manager is currently researching historical information regarding the Hood Park Open Air Pool and has proposed that the group consider that this be included as part of the Heritage attractions. The aim of this research is to determine if the pool could be officially renamed a Lido.

The group would like to see more joint promotion of Heritage attractions and events,they will be comissioning the Marketing and Communication Delivery Group to design a joint poster campaign, similar to that of the Cultural and Leisure May Bank Holiday poster.

Whilst not strictly part of The Ashby Project, St Helen’s Churchyard will soon be undergoing regeneration works, This project will be managed by the Project Manager, supported and advised by the Heritage Stakeholder Group. A few months ago some tree felling took place as the first phase of these works.